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Productivity Tip

Here are some productivity killers that I have encountered and how I have learned to overcome them:

1) Avoid checking your social networks/email during the day. If you must, set aside a certain amount of time dedicated to these tasks. Rarely is an email that important where it elicits a same hour response. If it’s important, they should have better avenues of contacting you.

2) Publish a calendar / include your contact information in your email signature. This way, those contacting you have a way of contacting you at the appropriate times if something is that important.

3) Track productivity through software. I use the free, RescueTime service. Setup is simple. You’ll feel guilty seeing how many hours you wasted performing unproductive tasks when reviewing the weekly report. Here is a sample of one of my more productive weeks, when I was in the middle of developing for Instago.

4) Turn off push notifications on your smart phone. Alternatively, enable the “Do Not Disturb” feature where you can schedule time daily where you will receive push notifications. To activate on iOS devices, Settings -> Do Not Disturb. To configure, Settings -> Notifications -> Do Not Disturb.