Top 4 iOS5 Features

Being a registered developer, I’ve had the chance to check out the iOS 5 Beta. Here are some of my favorite features and observations so far that have been not so published/talked about.

  1. Notifications
      Pull down from the top of the screen from any portion of the OS and down comes the Notification Center. Here, up to 15 notifications will be shown from different apps, including your missed calls/voicemails/email. Increased productivity and no more interrupted games of Tiny Wings. Also of note are two “widgets” that Apple has provided, a quick way to view the latest stock and weather info. Slide up at the bottom with the drawer grabber and away goes the Notification Center. A quick overview of your notifications is also visible from your lock screen, swipe the notification from the app icon and you are brought directly to the application. Everything feels more seamless and integrated. Hopefully as the gold master/public release nears, Apple will allow for third party “widgets” to be added to the lock screen.
  2. Integrated Hourly Weather Updates
      The integrated weather app now has hourly updates! Not like information you could have received from a third party application, but the fact that is all integrated is definitely a nice touch. Apple has also included Local Weather updates.
  3. Polished Messaging
      Apple has upgraded their messaging app. Nice touches include iChat style message bubbles and green button. Contrast this with the iOS 4 messaging bubbles.
  4. Twitter Integration
      Twitter integration throughout the operating system. From photos to maps, everything is very closely integrated from Twitter. This is starting to look like Microsoft-Facebook vs. Apple-Twitter.

Exciting Coming Features

iTunes Sync

Apple has included an iTunes Sync settings page, but no functionality was usable in testing. When this is implemented, you will be able to sync your iPhone. Wirelessly.

iTunes Match

Apple will automatically scan your library, up to 20,000 songs (not including purchased songs) and make them all available from all your devices on the go. Who needs a 32GB iPhone anymore?

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